About Us

Isopods are great decomposers for bioactive habitats, stirring up substrate and eating dead leaves and other waste as well as providing an additional food source for insectivorous habitat inhabitants. They also make great pets, especially the larger species.

We breed our isopods for hardiness, vigor, and color, constantly culling our cultures to provide you with the best possible isopods.

All of our isopods are cultured on a specially formulated substrate that includes orchid bark, peat, charcoal, and sterilized leaves and wood. All of our cultures are also provided with cuttlebone for added calcium and lots of leaf litter.

You are shipped the best possible isopods we have to offer. Size will vary depending on the time of year but we try and send young 1/3-1/2 adult size isopods with a mix of genders to get your colony off to a healthy start. We also try to send a few extra in the counts in case one or two don't make the journey.

Thanks for visiting, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. We love to chat about our Isopods!