Terms & Conditions

Orders are shipped out Monday. Please have your order placed by Sunday evening for Monday shipping or it will be shipped the following Monday.

We guarantee live arrival as long as a few conditions are met:
1. DOA’s must be reported within 4 hours of delivery.
2. Photographic evidence must be provided.

We can’t be held liable for carrier errors, once it’s out of our hands, it’s out of our control.

We cannot refund shipping costs.

During the colder months, heat packs are automatically adding into the cost of shipping, on the flip side, phase packs will automatically be added into the cost of shipping in the hot summer months.

All of our isopods are captive bred by us. We don’t flip imported isopods. This guarantees you a few things:

1. You’re getting the best possible start to your colony, not animals that are stressed out from being shipped over and over.
2. You know the species your buying will breed and is well adjusted to captive culture.
3. Your getting healthy young animals and not old spent isopods on their way to the compost heap in the sky. (Young isopods also ship better)
4. Your not going to get any unwanted hitchhikers. There’s a lot of nasties out there that are potentially dangerous to isopod cultures. If you don’t buy from us, PLEASE be smart as to who you buy from and have a good quarantine procedure in place.

We have started doing shipments to Canada on a limited basis. It’s a lot more work so minimum orders are $250 USD.

We also do wholesale. Contact for availability and pricing. Minimum order is $250 USD for wholesale pricing.